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Datora Group records a decrease in net profit

Grupo Datora, which offers a connectivity platform and value-added services (SVA), recorded a 7.3% increase in its net income in 2022, reaching R$ 678 million compared to 2021.

All segments of the Group recorded revenue growth, with emphasis on IoT (Internet of Things), which recorded growth of 33%, and OTT (Over the Top Customers), with a growth of 38%. The lines of added value together, in 2022, reached a representation of 77% of the company’s total gross profit (without taking into account depreciation).

The total gross profit also had a positive result, with an increase of 10.3% from year to year.

However, net income decreased by 15%, from R$ 21.33 million (2021) to R$ 18.17 million (2022). According to the company, the result is the result of completing the recognition of deferred income tax in 2021 as an asset and its use from 2022, not being related to the business.

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