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Davey Grant withdraws from Sensational Reverse Triangle, Assuncao retires

Raphael Assuncao and Davey Grant UFC Las Vegas Weigh-In Credit: Youtube/UFC

Bantamweight veterans Raphael Assuncao and Davey Grant face off in Saturday’s UFC Las Vegas showdown. The event will take place at The Theater at Virgin Hotels.

Assuncao and Grant each earned just one win that broke their respective losing streaks. Grant, for his part, has received a post-fight bonus in four of his last five bouts.

He made an effort to get him one more time at UFC Las Vegas.

Rafael Assuncau shows one last time that he still has a lot to do. And that could be said to be the beginning of this battle. A pass right from Assuncao opened Grant’s fire and resulted in him throwing a kick that was caught by the Brazilian. The veteran threatened Grant’s back after pushing him to the ground. But due to its cage position, it was difficult for him to catch a second hook. The British made it back on their feet unharmed.

Grant then used his large right hand to push Assuncao back for a moment. Assuncao’s leg kick became his obvious weapon in trying to stop Grant’s forward pressure. After closing the first round The two veterans then returned to their corner for the second round.

Round two started with more forward pressure from Davey Grant, but Assuncao looked slightly more comfortable this round. Rafael ducked under a massive right-handed effort from Grant and clung to a single-leg effort. But it can’t be prevented. Grant tried to close the range again with a low leg kick. But Assun Kao countered on the right hand side.

Assuncao’s lateral movements made it difficult for Grant to time his timing. And because of that, he wasn’t able to push much in the second round. Once again, the Brazilian managed another takedown with less than a minute left in round two and did well to maintain strong wrist control to keep Grant in the position he needed throughout the round. rest

Going into the third round, Eric Nicksick told Assuncao that he needed to press on because he wasn’t sure how rounds one and two would score.

Grant laid down his heavy right hand. It landed behind Assuncao’s ear at 3 seconds and momentarily dropped him backwards. Soon after, the 40-year-old found himself safe from arrest again. He couldn’t hold the Brit for long and Grant got back on his feet and landed a heavy kick at the hardworking Assuncao once again. The latter tried another takedown and was deep on Grant’s heels, quite close to the fence. and points are deducted for grabbing the fence

after being deducted points Grant knew he wanted a finish at the end of round three. After using a huge backward spinning fist, Assuncao fell to his knees and was shot for emergency arrest. Bad luck for the vet. It was caught in an inverted triangle by a stubborn Brit and Grant was knocked unconscious.

Raphael Assuncao takes off his gloves after the fight. Place it in his cage to signal his retirement. “I think my time has come. I put a lot of effort into this training camp. far from my family I think it’s time for me,” he told Daniel Cormier in a post-fight interview.

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Davey Grant def. Raphael Assuncao by motion (reverse triangle), Round 3, 4:43.

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