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David Foster says he is raising a baby at the age of 73 and reveals the bright side of late parenthood

At 73, David Foster is not only coming to terms with the idea of ​​being a father, he’s also trying to figure out what it’s like to raise a son for the first time after raising five daughters. The 16-time Grammy Award-winning music producer was quite candid as he revealed the ups and downs of late parenthood and explained what is the most important thing he can offer his son at this age.

David’s eldest daughter is 52 years old, which means that this famous producer, winner of several Grammy awards, has many years of experience as a father. However, she says she still faces many difficulties: “I’ve only had daughters, and I love them all, but having a son is a little different.”

David and Katharine McPhee welcomed their son, Rennie, in February 2021, and despite their 35-year age gap, the couple are deeply in love and don’t seem bothered by many people’s comments on social media.

Of this, she explained: “People always talk about our age gap, but I always say that there are many things that can destroy a marriage, and the age gap is just one of them.” And she added: “There are so many things that could go wrong. We just feel like we’re good together.”

However, on becoming a father again and this time at 70, the famous producer knows he will face some challenges, admitting: ”I won’t be there when he’s 50 or 40; and maybe not even at 30 inches.

However, he always tries to look on the positive side of late fatherhood. “I believe I can offer him the wisdom of my 73 years of life. And maybe that’s not a bad compromise. I hope not,” he said.

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In addition to wisdom, David credits patience as another important quality he has acquired over the years. “I wasn’t very patient when I was young. He was arrogant and wouldn’t sit still,” she explained.

Despite his very active life, David wants to enjoy every little moment with his baby because he knows that time is very precious. “I still work and spend a lot of time away from home, but I think time is more valuable to me because I know I have more of a past than a future,” she revealed.

We all know life is full of unexpected events and while David admits having a baby in his 70s was not in his plans, he is very happy with the news: “I have no regrets at all”.

Do you think age doesn’t matter when raising a young child? What are the positives and negatives of late fatherhood for you?

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