DaVinci Resolve finally on iPads!

There are tons of free video editing apps for iPad. On the other hand, there are few truly professional, feature-rich, and free ones. The long-awaited application of Blackmagic joins the latter group.

DaVinci Resolve finally on iPads

If you’ve ever searched for a free video editing program for PC or MacBook, you couldn’t help but come across good reviews of DaVinci Resolve.

This legendary editor has been used by the film industry for editing or color correction in blockbuster films such as Avatar, La La Land, Pirates of the Caribbean, Prometheus, Specter or Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Its abilities and functions are extremely developed, and the creators who know it can work wonders from the processed material.

Previously, Resolve was only available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. In October of this year it was announced that this program will also be available for iPads. And here it is!

Two versions: free and paid

DaVinci Resolve can be downloaded from the App Store. The software is available in a free version, but also for people interested in editing and editing video and sound – in the paid option at $94.99.

The application is optimized for multi-touch operation on Apple tablets, but also works with Apple Pencil or other accessories such as Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio. It also natively supports Apple Studio Display and Apple Pro Display HDR.

Blackmagic requires the program to run on at least iOS 16 and the A12 Bionic processor. It is highly recommended to use hardware with an Apple M1 or M2 chip. Many advanced features are exclusive to devices with these newer chipsets.

If we’re keen editors and don’t get scared of DaVinci Resolve and we have some experience working with this software on Macs, we’ll surely be happy to install the “couch” version on our iPad. It’s time to create a great cinematic work!

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