DaVinci Resolve for iPad is now available. How much will it cost?

Many Apple users have been waiting for this day. DaVinci Resolve is officially available for iPads!

The library of iPad tools grows every year. Apple is doing everything in its power to make its tablets offer more and more specific and professional solutions for everyone who needs them. And although iPadOS is still far behind in the workflow compared to the macOS computer system, the situation is improving every year. And the presence of tools like (almost) full-fledged Adobe Lightroom or DaVinci Resolve is irrefutable proof of this.

DaVinci Resolve for iPad is now available. A full-fledged video editing application already on Apple tablets

DaVinci Resolve has been gaining popularity among editors around the world in recent years. The business model, the quality of the products and the local working process have proven to be a good attraction even for those who have preferred the competitor’s products for years. The app’s interface has been adapted to the needs of users who use not only trackpads and mice, but also touchpads – but still remains 100% intuitive for anyone who uses the desktop version on a daily basis. What’s more – unlike many competing “mobile” versions of the app – there are no restrictions. All designs are designed to offer 100% compatibility – including the ability to collaborate with other users via the Blackmagic Cloud.

DaVinci Resolve features state-of-the-art AI processing powered by the DaVinci Neural Engine. Tools like Magic Mask require just one swipe to find and track people, features and objects in your shot. You can make characters stand out in a dimly lit shot, or reverse a person’s mask and stylize the background.

Smart Crop lets you change the aspect ratio of your footage by recognizing and moving around the action in the scene, so you can quickly create square or vertical versions for social media. Voice Isolation allows you to easily remove loud, unwanted sounds from conversations and dialogue recordings in noisy places. Artificial intelligence tools offer fast and accurate results, saving you hours!

If you have been impatiently waiting for this premiere, the good news is that the application is already waiting for all those interested in the App Store. You can download it completely free of charge. Like many other mobile developers and publishers, Blackmagic has decided to make their product available for free as a trial version. However, if you care about having access to all the options there – they can be unlocked as part of an in-app transaction. The cost of such entertainment it is PLN 549.99. A lot – especially when you think of it as a tablet app. On the other hand, it is good to keep in mind that it is a fully professional tool that many will use for work.

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