Dead Space movie coming? John Carpenter could talk

The legendary director may have accidentally said a few s&s too many, so we’ve probably learned about the upcoming film adaptation of Dead Space. Applications, however, should be treated with caution.

Known for works such as “Coś”, “Escape from New York” or “Halloween”, director John Carpenter recalls last year that Dead Space is his favorite would like to make a film based on a famous brandif only I had this opportunity. The director remained asked by Variety for comment on the matter.

No no no. I can believe how it happened and spread it. I’m a big fan of video games, so I’ve played all parts of them. I’m looking at the new RED digital cameras and happened to mention to them that I’d like a Film Dead Space camera. It quickly spread on the net and everyone started asking “when are you going to do it?” – said John Carpenter.

But I won’t do that. Mojślę, że imatią juz one more director involvedand they didn’t ask me. As long as I don’t suggest it, I won’t support this movie. But in January there will be a new version of Dead Space and I will play it.

The creator clearly resolved doubts about their participation in a potential adaptation of the adventures of Isaac Clarke, but Internet users were quick to notice a small detail. John Carpenter mentioned that the film could be directed by someone else, which fans were quick to interpret as confirmation of production.

These reports should be treated with distance, although the director did indeed say something about the upcoming production, even if he is not personally involved in the project. On the other hand, these are still&lstroke&lstroke

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