Decathlon unveils the LD 500 E, the new electric bike

Decathlon has officially launched the LD 500 E, its latest electric bike. This is a model for daily use and suitable for city traffic.

The action that weighs on the environment is great in relation to the preservation of the ecology. And Decathlon has aimed high with the launch of its new electric bike. Considered a standard brand in terms of electric bikes, Decathlon offers a rich catalog for users who have just added the LD 500 E to their list. Its specs: a motor torque of 45 nanometers, a built-in force sensor and a reasonable price.

Do you have a powerful and autonomous electric bike?

Decathlon LD 500 E is equipped with an accumulator 504 Wh separable electric. It weighs just 3kg and some and fits directly into a frame made of aluminium. Then we are right for a lighter but more powerful electric bike.

The way of use, in turn, can be modified according to the needs of the users. The LD 500 E model has three modes, each of which corresponds to a specific autonomy. But “powerful” mode. reduces the autonomy of the device. However, the range of this new Decathlon electric bike is about 60 km. In terms of charging time, a 7-hour battery life is quite long compared to other models.

In terms of power, Decathlon’s LD 500 E is equipped with a torque sensor. The motor power is increased to 250 W. It is also placed at the rear wheel drive level, thus providing better balance and better performance. This really promises a better experience compared to others. Decathlon electric bike.

More details on the LD 500 E

Decathlon LD 500 E weighs approx. 23 kg, it which may represent the weight of a child. So for users who don’t have a bike course or lift, storage can be complex. However, this model comes in 2 forms: closed frame and open frame.

It is also available in several sizes: 155 cm, 164 cm and 174 cm. The introductory price for this new model of electric bicycle from Decathlon is 1,649 euros. On the contrary, you can take advantage of a promotion through a bonus or discount offer. Additionally, Decathlon offers a lifetime warranty on the frame as well as the handlebar. What you need to gain to drive with complete peace of mind in the LD 500 E.

More than a bike

This new version differs from the previous models because of the accessories that equip it. A system of Tektro TKD32 hydraulic brakes28” anti-puncture tires, 8-speed gearbox, everything seems to reflect an improvement for greater comfort and safety of users.

In addition, the LD 500 E is equipped with a front and rear light, a mudroom, a luggage rack that can hold a load of 27 kg. All together can his new standard urban bike.

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