Deep and spiritual, the film with Tom Hanks, which has just premiered on Netflix, will change the way you look at life

A scenario does not replace what it represents, however believable it may be. Instead of Rome, Atlanta or New York, it is simply the arrangement of visual elements in the form of a narrative. In the film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” (2019, by Marielle Heller), the model of the neighborhood inside the television studio’s imitation represents a group of neighboring residents.

We know what it’s about – a scene from a movie – thanks to the best hosts, Tom Hanks, who earned an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a ratings leader, Fred Rogers, among children’s shows. from 1968 to the 90s. Tom is in the business. Maneuver a mural – every American cinema has a mural, in houses, police stations, newsrooms or studios, as it implements the script map in the viewer’s perception for a better understanding of the film. The Tom/Rogers mural features windows to characters in action that, when shown, break the studio barrier and take over the screen with their surroundings and conflicts.

The film becomes the character represented in the window – an investigative reporter for “Esquire”, married with a son and fighting with the father who abandoned him in childhood. Now involved in ‘reality’ outside the studio, we see that the cynical reporter, pressed by circumstances, finds his opposite, the interviewee of his agenda. It is a figure full of good intentions and self-help. In the reporting environment, he is precisely the animator of the children’s program, Roger/Tom himself.

The circle thus closes and makes explicit the true subject of the film: cinema itself, which reveals its transparency as a film production through the representation of a fundamental conflict: the family shock that generates anger and resentment and seeks to mask its presence by replacing it. pain from obsessive dedication to work.

The bright reporter (Matthew Rhys) who investigates ends up being investigated by the friendly TV presenter. But the film, which reveals its narrative secrets and condemns the despair of the journalist in crisis, does not hide the uncertainty from those who support either.

The bad young man comes to his senses and the good old man manages to influence his neighbor’s drama. Both are what they are, living transformative conflicts. That’s how the cinema is. A film reports on itself without forgetting to refer to the subject that tries to replace it.

Movie: A beautiful day in the neighborhood
Direction: Marielle Heller
Year: 2019
Genre: Drama
Note: 9/10

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