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Defense programs of PA

Photo: Zeka Ribeiro/Chamber of Deputies

If Lula wins the presidential race, the PT says it will remove the military from politics, following a convergence movement in Jair Bolsonaro’s government. Former defense minister and ex-chancellor Celso Amorim, chief advisor to the PT’s foreign policy campaign, told Estadão.

“I don’t want a left-wing general, but a legalist and aware of his duties.”

Amorim also spoke about the National Commission for Truth (CNV), which caused a conflict between the Workers’ Party and the military in Dilma Rousseff’s government.

“The moment is for normalization. We are living in a CNV moment that was needed. That moment is over. We’re not going to mess with it anymore.” said the former minister

“From the point of view of the program, we are now living in such an abnormal situation that we must return to normality. That’s the first thing. Depoliticize the armed forces, and they begin to devote themselves to their main task, which I know is not the only one, which is the defense of the motherland. And it goes through the modernization of forces”he added.

Amorim also championed the modernization of the armed forces, investing in technological development and the construction of national aircraft, ships and missiles. Trade agreements increasingly surround other industrial policy instruments, but not defense ones. Protection is outside the WTO (World Trade Organization).”

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