Deltan Dallagnol requests that the KZP ending the privileged forum be voted in the House

The proposal authored by former senator Alvaro Dias has already been approved by the Special Commission, but was never brought to the plenary session of the House; The MP says that the mechanism obstructs justice

MP and former member of Lava Jato asks the Chamber of Deputies to speed up the CEC vote

or Proposed constitutional amendment (PEC) which proposes the end of privileged forum has been blocked for four years room. ABOUT Delta Dallagnol, the mechanism hinders the work of Justice and perpetuates impunity. The MP presented a request in order to speed up the CEC vote that ends the privileged forum. According to the deputy, the proposal can be voted on. The assessment is that the privileged forum is a distortion of Brazilian legislation, since Article 5 of the Constitution stipulates that everyone is equal before the law, including public authorities. The proposal is in line with measures advocated by members of the Lava Jato operation, such as Dallagnol himself, who was the Operation’s lawyer. The text provides for the extinction of the forum in the case of joint crimes, removing the competence of Federal Supreme Court (STF) of judging criminal cases against deputies, senators and ministers of state. For Dallagnol, the forum hinders the work of Justice to hold potential criminals accountable. However, it does not change the privileged jurisdiction in five positions: the president, the vice president and the presidents of the Chamber of Deputies, of The Senate Is from stf. The MP also argues that 57,000 authorities benefit from the forum. The CEC at the end of the privileged forum is authored by former senator Alvaro Dias, unanimously approved by the Special Committee of the House in 2018. Since then, he is ready to be voted on, but has not been one of the priorities of parliamentarians.

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*With information from journalist Berenice Leite

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