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Deputy candidate Filho de Queiroga entered Planalto and the Ministry at least 30 times.

Reproduction – March 9, 2022

Antonio Cristovan Neto (Photo:)Son of Health Minister Marcelo Queirogawent through tours of the Planalto Palace and the Ministry of Health 30 times revealed in the last year The globe in this Monday’s (4) report.

None of the visits Queiro Guineaas Neto is known, was recorded in the official diaries.

Half of the applications have taken place since February of this year after the 23-year-old medical student stood as a candidate for the federal deputy of Paraíba.

Keiroguina is affiliated with Jair Bolsonaro’s party, PL.

12 out of 30 visits were to Planalto Palace. The minister’s son arrived at the presidential office of the republic at least three times.

On one of these occasions, on March 9 of this year, he even published a photo on his social networks next to Bolsonaro. (Photograph).

In the post, he wrote in a preachy tone. “We had the opportunity to talk about the progress in Brazil and the agendas of my beloved Paraíba. As a citizen of Paraíba, I make it a point to always be aware of what is happening in my country and my state.”.

On June 14, after the first report The globe about keiroguinya, The MPF has initiated a process to investigate possible signs of influence trading and administrative impropriety.

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