Desenrola will have the option to review debts up to R$100

If other sectors join in, such as retail and public companies, the number of beneficiaries could exceed 5 million.


The “Desenrola Brasil” program, which is being developed by the Ministry of Finance to help citizens in debt, will have debts of up to 100 rials to the dollar.

According to a forecast presented by Finance Minister Fernando Haddad to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) last week, this option, called “phase 1”, has the potential to reach 1.5 million people for banking issues alone. If other sectors remain committed, such as retail and public companies, the number of beneficiaries could exceed 5 million.

According to the members of the government, big banks are already committed to the proposal.

Other sectors, however, should have more trouble joining because they are more affected by small negative amounts.

It is predicted that there will still be a “Phase 2” for beneficiaries of social programs and people with incomes up to two minimum wages. In it, discounts can reach up to 90% for financing in 60 months at a monthly rate of 1.99%. The negative amount limit is 5000 BRL.

In this way, payday loans will be allowed with the payment of social benefit discounts and INSS pensions.


Participant can also choose to pay by bank check or Pix. Debts in rural credit or real estate financing, secured credit or third party risk transactions are not eligible.

According to a survey conducted by the ministry with data from Banco do Brasil, 35.7 million people with incomes up to two minimum wages are negative.

The majority, 66.19%, have pending financial services. Another 12.61% is owed to telecommunications companies, 10.32% to gas and electricity, 7.42% to retail and 3.46% to the education sector.

Most of the costs, 81.99%, also refer to financial services. The debts of up to two minimum wage earners amount to 50.7 billion rials.


Although it is seen as a priority, Desenrola still faces an operational issue that needs to be operational.

A platform should be created to allow creditors to find debtors and vice versa. The idea is to have a website and an app that will allow direct negotiations between the two parties, but it has not yet been developed.

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