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Desk Manager integrates ChatGPT into its platform

Desk Manager, a Brazilian company that provides omnichannel help desk software, integrated ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence into its tool, as reported this Friday, the 26th. The new features are being used both internally and by customers using the platform its, mainly in the chatbot.

In the internal workings of Desk Manager, AI has answered more than 6% of calls, in less than 40 days of integration. The company expects to reduce service time by 30% by the end of 2023. According to the company, AI is about 40 times cheaper than a human operator.

The integration particularly benefits shared Service Center operations, which span different business areas such as employee and customer service. It allows conversations between the team of associates and customers (internal or external) to be automated in the Desk Manager interface.

AI can also be used to answer calls. The agent can use the tool to automatically generate personalized responses with the click of a button. Another functionality in which the technology is used is the consultation of processes and doubts, as a way to simplify access to strategic data.

A solution that will allow AI to answer questions on the Applicant Portal will be released soon. When a user wants to open a ticket and needs to ask a question, the tool can answer, without the need for human assistance.

Desk Manager software allows functional areas to control, organize and document the requirements of each sector of the company on calls or tasks. It has a set of 12 applications, which connect to communication channels such as email, service portals, chatbot messaging channels.

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