Dexter will return to the small screen, but the offensive series is just getting started

It seems that the producers of the series have come to the conclusion that a good and proven brand will sell better than a completely new title. Thanks to that, we’ll have plenty of returns in the coming years, including a prequel to Dexter, as well as spin-offs from Billions, Bosch, and Yellowstone.

Dexter will return in the prequel

The story of Dexter Morgan, told in the series produced by the Showtime station for 8 seasons, was liked by millions of viewers. His return to Dexter last year. With New Blood a bona fide hit, it was the most popular show in the network’s history, so it’s no surprise that Showtime executives intend to strike the iron while it’s hot. This time, however, we will get a prequel, that is, we will get to know the events of the first Dexter series, when the main character discovered his calling and became a serial killer. Details about this project have yet to be revealed, but it is said to contain quite a few references to other serial killers active at the time.

It’s also very likely that we’ll get Dexter as well. The second season of New Blood, though given the ending of the first series, may be a little less interesting for Michel C. Hall fans. Showtime is also looking to develop other characters that appear on Dexter, including the famous “Triangle” killer played by John Lithgow. A lot will probably depend on how popular the other series in this “universe” will be. The station also intends to prepare a spin-off of the popular series Billions, which can be watched in Poland on HBO Max. There are even plans for four series, including one that will focus on the cryptocurrency market as well as the stories of future and current rich people.

Billions / Source: Showtime

At the moment, Showtime’s productions are scattered across various VOD services in Poland (mainly Canal+ Online and HBO Max), but one can expect the next series to be available on a new VOD debuting in less than a week, on SkyShowtime. . Among the new ones will be, among others, the second season of Yellow Jackets, as well as a brand new project, The Department, directed by George Clooney and inspired by another great series, Homeland.

Amazon expands Bosch franchise

Showtime isn’t the only studio looking to use its most popular series to promote more titles. Amazon has similar plans for Bosch, one of the strongest titles in its portfolio. The story of the police officer with the rules lasted for 7 seasons, which is the best result in the history of the series created for Prime Video. A spin-off, Bosch, appeared last year. Legacy, which, however, still focuses on the same main character who has gone private. The second season of this production is underway and will hit the stage in the fall. A series is also planned, which will focus on Bosch’s partner J. On Edgar, who will take on an undercover FBI mission to infiltrate Miami’s Little Haiti underworld.

Bosch / source: Amazon

Bosch is based on the books by Michael Connelly, who is also the executive producer and writer of the series. The author also warmed to books about Renee Ballard, a policewoman investigating old, unsolved crimes in Los Angeles. This story will also be brought to the small screen by Amazon Studios. So it seems that more and more producers intend to follow in the footsteps of Taylor Sheridan, who, based on the success of Yellowstone, began to build a large universe that currently consists of two series, 1883 and 1923. However, this is just the beginning as we are expecting two more productions.

And while we’re at Yellowstone, Kevin Costner apparently prefers to devote himself to his project, Horizon, and doesn’t have time to create more seasons about the Duttons. As such, Paramount is already in talks with another star to star in a Yellowstone replacement series. Matthew McConaughey is reportedly interested in the whole project, but it is not yet known how much of the story will be related to the Dutton family, and whether the current cast will also be involved in the new series. It is certain, however, that Sheridan has no intention of slowing down, let’s hope that there will not be a significant drop in quality.

source: Deadline 1/2/3

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