“Diesel fuel is unstable and the price depends on the European winter and the war,” says the economist.

With the fall of the oil barrel in the international market, gasoline has become cheaper in Brazil and other parts of the world. However, diesel is going through an “unprecedented” reversal, according to Adriano Pires, director of the Brazilian Infrastructure Center (Cbie).

in the interview to CNN This Friday (29), the specialist said that the war between Ukraine and Russia and the winter in Europe caused the price of diesel fuel to go in opposite directions to the price of gasoline.

“A phenomenon is happening that we have never seen before. “Because of the war in Ukraine, European countries are stockpiling a large amount of diesel fuel, worried about the winter and the reduction of gas supply by Russia, making diesel fuel the main substitute for natural gas for heating,” he emphasized.

“This has caused the price of diesel fuel to exceed the price of oil, which is why one does not go down and the other. [gasolina] it is so,” he added.

Adriano said that this was the first time that the price of diesel fuel was higher than the price of gasoline, highlighting the consequences of the war.

According to him, gasoline could be cheaper if it were not for the devalued exchange rate.

“Here in Brazil, the price of gasoline could have dropped even more if the exchange rate helped, but it has increased in recent weeks, which means that gasoline was only able to drop 20 cents last week and 15 cents yesterday,” he concluded. .

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