Difference between personality and character

while the personality shows what you are out there or what you are to the world, reveals you characterwhat you are in you. Since these are directly related to a person’s attitude and behavior, most people easily get confused between these two.

We are all the same in many ways as we all have the same human body, nature, feelings, mind. But if you look deeply, you will see that each person has certain characteristics and habits that make them unique. It is a fact that two people can never be exactly alike, even if you are talking about twins, they also differ more or less in their perception, hobbies, mood, nature, etc.

Read this article where we’ve simplified the difference between personality and character.

Comparison table

basis of comparison personality character
meaning Personality refers to the spectrum of distinct personal qualities and characteristics of an individual. A character refers to a set of morals and beliefs that define how we treat or interact with others and with ourselves.
represented Who do we seem to be? who are we?
trains personally and physically mentally and morally
What is it? It’s the identity It’s a learned behavior
Nature Subjective objective
Expression External appearance and behavior of a person. Characteristics of a person that are abstract.
change It can change over time. remains the same
Company Validation not required Required

personality definition

Personality can be defined as a combination of mental behavior and traits or traits such as thought patterns, feelings and actions. It is a set of enduring tendencies for an individual to think, feel and behave in specific ways in different situations. It refers to the systematic arrangement of all your dispositions, such as attitudes, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc.

character definition

By the term “character” we mean enduring and distinct mental and moral qualities of an individual. It is the only factor that determines our response or reaction to a given event or situation. It defines a person’s behavioral pattern, their thinking style and controls feelings. It is based on the environment around us, mental abilities, moral principles and similar factors. It is the most precious thing a person possesses, as evidenced by the limits he has never crossed.

Main differences between personality and character

The significant differences between personality and character are discussed in the following points:

  1. Personality refers to the combination of traits, attitudes, and behaviors that distinguish one person from others. Character refers to a set of moral and mental traits and beliefs that distinguish one person from others.
  2. Does personality imply who we appear to be? On the other hand, does the character represent who we really are?
  3. Personality is a set of personal qualities, while character is a collection of an individual’s mental and moral traits.
  4. Personality is a person’s mask or identity. On the other hand, character is learned behavior.
  5. Personality is subjective, but character is objective.
  6. Personality is a person’s outward appearance and behavior. At the same time, the character indicates the traits of a person that are not visible.
  7. An individual’s personality can change over time. However, the character lasts longer.
  8. Character requires approval and support from society. In contrast, the personality does not need the affirmation and support of society.


After reviewing the above points, it becomes clear that the personality differs from a character in the sense that the personality reflects the outer shell, while the character shows the inner self. When you combine your personality and character, the result will be who you really are.

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