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Discord adds OpenAI’s generative AI to its platform

Discord (Android, iOS) has added OpenAI’s text-based generative artificial intelligence technology to its chatbot Clyde. With the change, the bot can engage in conversation with users and fulfill requests, such as search for a cat gif.

Another app feature that gets the OpenAI engine is AutoMod AI, a bot for automatically moderating chats and forums in the platform’s voice and text chat spaces. With the update, moderators will be able to receive alerts when rules are violated (for example, malicious messages) on a chat server.

Before joining the generative AI, AutoMod blocked 45 million spam messages before they were published.

The user will also have access to a chat summary tool (Chat Summaries, originally in English) that shows a series of important messages while the user was away from the application.

The new Clyde bot and Chat Summaries are rolling out to a limited number of users starting next week. And the new AutoMod is launching for a small base this Thursday.


GIF on board with AI generating text-in-image (play: Discord)

The company introduced two new applications aimed at developers to deploy on servers. The app that’s getting the most attention, but doesn’t yet have a launch date, is Whiteboard, a text-to-image AI whiteboard (gif above). In it, the user draws simple doodles and asks the platform to transform it into an image close to reality, like a flower in a sunflower. The other app is Avatar Remix, which allows you to make a change to a person’s avatar/profile image. The open source code for this application is available on GitHub.

AI in everything

Clyde Robot with Generative AI from OpenAI (Play: Discord)

According to an announcement made this Thursday, the 9th, artificial intelligence is something present in the daily life of Discord users. Every month 30 million people use AI on the platform and 3 million chat servers have built-in AI.

The company also reports that 10% of new Discord users join exclusively to use these AIs. And Midjourney’s AI image generating server is the largest on Discord, with 13 million people generating 1 billion images.

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