Discover Rosario, the city where Messi was born

The hosting platform offers venues for the public to get a closer look at a player’s story

After more than two decades as the most capped player at the World Cup, with all 26 appearances, Lionel Messi was able to celebrate Argentina’s third World Cup victory. He was born in the city of Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe, and is indirectly responsible for bringing many tourists to the small town of just over 40,000 inhabitants.

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Rosario was the birthplace of many Argentine musical artists, but it began to gain more popularity with the rise of soccer stars such as Angel Di Maria and Lionel Messi. Both were crucial in Argentina’s third Copa final and put Rosario in the headlines again, breaking a 36-year drought for the national team.

Soccer star Di Maria was also born in Rosario, Santa Fe

Fans of the goalscorer can start at the house where Messi was born, a two-story house at 500 Rua Estado de Israel, next to La Bajada. A mural on its wall of an athlete holding a soccer ball makes it easy to find. Illustrations spread across the city reaffirm the pride residents have in their greatest representative. Even today, the house belongs to Messi’s family. A few blocks away, on the corner of his street and Juan Manuel de Rosas, is Club El Campito. During the football player’s childhood, the area was another free space where neighborhood children gathered to play football. Today, the club offers sports and recreational activities for children, a legacy that goes beyond the symbolic importance of the player. Making his official debut in the sport as a child athlete at the age of 4 at Clube Abanderado Grandoli, located at Gregorio de Laferrere 4800, he secured the team’s victory with a goal. One detail: the other children in the field were much older.

At the Marcelo Alberto Bielsa Stadium, also known as the Colozo Del Parque, Lionel Messi played many games for Clube Atlético Newell’s Old Boys, a traditional team from Rosario, which he also supported, between the ages of seven and twelve. The stadium is a part of Independence Park. The following year, he left his country to play football in Barcelona, ​​Spain, which led to his global rise.

Rosario has been the birthplace of many Argentine musical artists

Next to the star’s former home, there is a mural that reads “from another galaxy and my neighborhood.” In some of the artworks, the star appears accompanied by Di Maria and Maximiliano Rodríguez, who are both Rosario footballers. Two of them can be admired at Parque Nacional La Bandera and Calle Provincias Unidas, 169.

Tourists can also count on an app developed by the local sports and tourism secretariat, which brings together these and more important places from the football star’s past, with reports from teachers, athletes and the athlete’s childhood friends. The application is available for Android and iOS systems.


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