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The presence of women in entrepreneurship is 48%; they are betting on sectors such as communications, marketing, e-commerce, healthcare and finance

Women are increasingly gaining recognition in the labor market. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Brazil has 48.7% of female entrepreneurs, representing 30 million businesswomen.

Given this scenario, a McKinsey survey proved that companies that represent more diversity have higher levels of innovation and collaboration. However, data is not enough to achieve gender equality, which is not yet a reality in the corporate world.

On the other hand, word of mouth is that another study conducted by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea) estimates that in eight years the presence of women in the labor market will exceed 60%. The analysis takes into account forecasts from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Women’s presence is increasingly seen in fields such as marketing, e-commerce, healthcare, finance and communications.

To further inspire their presence in the job market, find out below the stories of four successful Brazilian women who are references in their fields:

Fernanda Hermani – Afilio
Fernanda Herrmann is the CEO of Afilio, a performance marketing company with over 100,000 affiliates and has held leadership positions for over ten years. That’s why he sees the challenges of his trajectory as important to his career. “Being a professional celebrity woman can be weird in a lot of ways, but I don’t let that affect me in any way. When you have a goal and see meaning in everyday life, nothing can stop you,” he says.

Fernanda Hermani’s marketing company has more than 100,000 affiliates

Currently, performance marketing is one of the main trends in e-commerce. Its importance only tends to grow and change according to consumer needs. “It is an honor to be at the forefront of a company like Afilio, which is growing year after year, and I know that my position is the result of years of effort and dedication. To all the women aspiring to be a CEO or a director, I just have to say, do your research, always help other women and don’t let any setbacks get you down, this will only make you stronger and give you more experience. to achieve your goals,” concludes Herman.


Bruna Havresco – Modab
Bruna Havresco is the CEO and founder of Modab, a women’s fashion e-commerce created by a woman for all Brazilian women. An advertising specialist, he worked as a fashion photographer from the age of 18. During her visits to the studio, she clearly perceived the trauma women experienced in the clothes they had to wear during rehearsals. She also had her own personal concerns about finding pieces, particularly jeans.

Bruna Havresco works with women’s fashion for all women in Brazil

She currently runs her own brand, combining technology and comfort with products for all body types. “The idea for Modab came from my own experience, because at the time some models I tried did not fit the hips or were too long and uncomfortable. With that in mind, I thought of creating products to make all women feel good about their curves and uniqueness,” explains the CEO.

Milen Rosenthal – Telavita
Mylene Rosenthal, co-founder of Telavita Digital Mental Health Clinic, has been a trained psychologist for over 20 years. He began his career change to enter entrepreneurship and was instrumental in establishing telemedicine for psychotherapy in Brazil. “I was questioned about the lack of psychological help in the country through the Internet, so I decided to delve into the topic. I found a formula in Brazil that allowed a psychologist to conduct remote guidance since 2005 and in some cases. However, no site offered this type of service at the time,” says Rosenthal. After meeting Lucas Artur and Andy Bucas, who worked in the health sector, they co-founded Televita, which was recognized as the second most innovative startup in Latin America in 2017 by G-Start Up Worldwide.

The Milen Rosenthal Initiative offers online therapy

Telavita strives to promote and democratize mental health through comprehensive care. In addition to focusing on corporate care, it also operates in the private sector and is a pioneer in online psychotherapy, connecting psychologists and patients through flexible and secure technology. “We achieved the goal of democratizing access to psychotherapy and mental health. Today, any citizen who needs it can be helped, wherever he is and at the most convenient time, according to his daily life,” the co-founder adds.


Tiziana Amorim – Aari
Tiziana Amorim from Bahia is the founding partner and CEO of Aarin, the first tech hub in Brazil specializing in Pix and Open Finance, and an entrepreneur from an early age. Graduated in Cultural Communication, raised over R$400K for a dance project at age 19 before founding Aarin. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Management from PUC-RS and entered the digital world as Growth Manager at JusBrasil, in addition to his first foray into Zigpay as a partner.

Ticiana Amorim is the founding partner and CEO of Aarin, the first technology center specialized in Pix and Open Finance in Brazil.

Tech-fin Aarin was born in Salvador (BA), acquired by Next group, and provides services with financial goals embedded in the user experience. For Amorim, the participation of women in this industry, which is predominantly male, is extremely important to inspire women who are willing to take up the challenge, regardless of the field of activity. “I am proud to say that 85% of Aarin’s management is made up of women. The idea is that as we move into higher positions in companies, women in leadership are not just seen as a protocol to be followed,” concludes the CEO.

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