Disney+ promises to be hot in August. Lots of Marvel and Star Wars

We know the Disney + schedule for August! It is certain that the end of the holidays will be really hot with the newest platform on our market.

Disney + entered the Polish market this June and immediately stole the hearts of many fans. The already excellent production list is constantly being expanded with new films and series, so there is certainly no shortage of content – on the contrary, there is no time to watch it all. This time, we’ve got the full schedule for the second month of the holiday season, but it’s worth noting that it might not be all news — in the VOD era, premieres fall overnight. But let’s get down to the production we know about – what’s coming to Disney+ next month?

A true Pixar hit Disney+ hits! Buzz Lightyear premieres on the platform on August 3rd

The first film is “Buzz Lightyear”, the story of the protagonist who inspired the cult toy from “Toy Story”. In the film, we will follow the fate of the legendary guardian of the cosmos, who, together with his colorful companions, will have to learn to work together in order to escape the antagonist and his army of robots. If the description of the plot does not excite you, I will add that it is a Disney and Pixar production, which is a great guarantee of quality. In his review, Konrad Kozłowski wrote: “Is Pixar starting to cut coupons because it’s making a movie that existed in the world of ‘Toy Story’ and told the story of a prototype Buzz Lightyear toy?” That’s the impression you get before entering the theater, but when we leave, we’re glad the story has been told.” – and that should dispel any doubts.

Source: Disney

Star Wars Frenzy – From a LEGO holiday comedy to the continuation of the hero’s adventure from Rogue One

There will also be plenty of good stuff for fans of the Star Wars universe. On August 5, the movie “LEGO Star Wars: Vacation” will appear on the platform, which tells the story of how Finn prepared a surprise vacation for his friends. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work out, as the protagonist was very quickly separated from his group. However, nothing bad turns out to be good – Finn meets the ghosts of Obi-Wan, Anakin and Princess Leia aboard the Halcyon, who tell him their stories of a vacation gone wrong. Such an idea for land should be bought by everyone, regardless of age.

Source: Disney

But that’s not all. On August 31, the series “Andor” will debut on Disney +, which – as the name reveals – tells the story of Cassian Andor, a character known from the movie “Rogue 1. Star Wars – Stories”. The titular hero will try to find a way to influence the world in an extremely dangerous time, when the rebellion against the Empire is growing and there is a lot of intrigue and deception. The character played by Diego Luna embarks on this rebellious journey in the gray reality of the time.

Source: Disney

A true celebration for Marvel fans

If you’re a Marvel fan, August will be the month for you. Already on August 10, the series “I am Groot” will appear on the platform, which is a collection of funny shorts with Baby Groot in the main role. The little wooden Groot will have a lot of crazy adventures in these few episodes, and the line “I am Groot” will probably not get out of our heads after the screening.

Source: Disney

But that is not all. On August 17, “Patron She-Hulk” comes to Disney +. The series, as the title suggests, will focus on a female version of the Hulk. Life is not kind at all to Jennifer Walters – the 30-year-old woman is a lawyer specializing in superhuman cases and is constantly single and the fact that she has green skin, is over 2 meters tall and has enormous strength. Well, not really helping her.

Source: Disney

The icing on the cake or Predator: Prey!

The last entry on the August list is “Predator: Prey,” which hits D+ on August 5. The thriller from the cult universe will focus on the adventures of Naru, a young but incredibly talented and skilled warrior. Raised among legendary hunters, the heroine is not about to use her skills in a situation where her people are under attack – but it turns out that the hunter is not just anyone, but an evolved predator from outer space. How will Naru handle the duel with the title of Predator? We will know the answer to this question on the fifth day of August.

Source: Disney

What’s New on Disney+ August 2022 – List

August 3:

5th August:

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Vacation
  • Predator: Prey

10th of August:

August 17:

August 31:

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