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District CPI offers concessions to Torres for taking a deposition

Photo: Tom Costa/MJSP

With a fresh request to the Federal High Court (STF). The Federal District Legislative Chamber (CLDF) has offered benefits to former Security Secretary Anderson Torres (photo) agreed to give a statement to the regional CPI investigating the actions of January 8.

Among the conditions offered to the former secretary to participate in the CAG are: the use of handcuffs, unspecified police escort, implementation reserved session
in fence appropriate with presence limited It
deputies and authorized officers and no live streaming; the use of social wear It is Accompanied by a lawyer sitting next to the witness.

In the petition, CLDF Attorney General Valdiney Cordeiro Coimbra says that although. with an initial negative result, a dialogue was established between the CGI and the defense of the former secretary, who, therefore, believes that: “to be conditions for to be surprised again to: Mr. towers about your intention in participate in the act on 16.03.2023the above precautions have been adopted by the parliament.

This Thursday morning (9) the Anti-Democratic Acts CPI decided that Anderson Torres would be heard in a private meeting without the public or the press present. The decision was taken during the meeting this Thursday (9). The ruling comes after Anderson refused to attend today’s CPI meeting, which will be public and televised.

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