DM9, DPZ: what does rescuing iconic brands mean for advertising?

July 28, 2022 – 6:01 am

Bárbara Sacchitiello and Isabella Lessa

This week, three iconic texts from the history of national advertising returned to the scene relaunch of the DPZ brand. Since 2015, the initials of the surnames of Roberto Duailibi, Francesco Petit and Jose Zaragoza, the founders of the operation, have been accompanied “T”, taken from the surname of Dorian Taterka, the founder of Taterka, which merged with DPZ that year, forming DPZ&T.

Spas of the original brand, with three letters, was introduced to the market this Monday, the 25th.

In July, The DDB network has also brought back DM9, another highly successful brand in national advertising, through the merger of SunsetDDB, TracyLocke and Track. The agency’s brand was discontinued four years ago, when DDB at the time diluted DM9’s work into SunsetDDB.

Although they have different contexts, the two cases presented the relaunch of brands as a way to save the reputation of environments that helped build some of the most important ideas in national advertising. And the search for that glorious past is what, according to specialized experts, ultimately guides these brand recovery projects in the communications industry.

“The brands of these agencies were real icons of a generation, and that didn’t happen for so long. These are perceptions and assessments based on them that are still very much alive in the collective. By rescuing the brands of these highly differentiated agencies, it certainly helps the current operations bring some of the reputation and status they had in the recent past,” says Luciane Matiello, partner in Alexandria.

Saving brands that were important in the public’s memory was one of Luciana’s jobs. This month, Alexandria presented the first work of the Society of Immortal Marks project, whose premise is to save iconic Brazilian brands that ended up ceasing to operate on the market for various reasons. The first brand that was brought back was Kichute. “Brands that had value for the public, that created differences and purposes, can be saved and updated, as long as it is possible to somehow make them young again,” points out the partner from Alexandria.

show something new

Every company, regardless of its field of activity, that changes its name, wants to convey that something in business is different. Sometimes it’s something completely new, and sometimes the idea is to communicate a change in route. This is the view of Marcos Bedendo, brand professor at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing.

Analyzing the examples of DM9 and DPZ, Bedendo believes that these two changes correspond more to the second case, in which there is no change in the field of action, but the saving of the previous culture and the adaptation of the way of presenting oneself. In the end, this change has the function of resonating among the employees, as well as the external public. “When you present the new creative culture you want to implement and the way the agency sees itself, it resonates with the internal public, which is affected by these actions, and even with potential new talent that will be recruited. And, of course, when the change is announced to the market, it’s a way of communicating to save the creative vision that those operations had earlier,” the professor points out.

past and future

Agency name changes are common movements in Brazilian advertising. Due to negotiations of international holding companies that own brands, due to mergers or other reasons, there are several examples of agencies that have acquired a surname or combined their names with the names of other operations.

The DM9 and DPZ examples, however, attract attention because they include agencies with decades in the market (DM9 was founded in 1975, and DPZ will be 54 years of operation in 2022) and with a history of high creative reputation, with a collection of awards and a list of big names of professionals who were part of the trajectory of both houses. Therefore, saving the period of prestige and prosperity through brands is something that sounds positive for agencies.

But there is no point dragging the past into the name if the operation is not prepared for the future, as Luciane of Alexandria warns. “In any brand rescue, it is important to choose the positive values ​​that the company has in its heritage and make them strong, but it is important to have a view to the future. You can’t just stay stuck in the past. It is necessary to find ways to use this positive heritage and this DNA to prepare the new organization of the brand that is being saved in order to be active and connected to the challenges of the current world”, he emphasizes.

ESPM’s Bedendo also points out that brand rescue movements in advertising bring with them the power of remembering the founders and creative minds that built the business. “The return of these stamps is a way to confirm the glorious era”, he defines.

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