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Do not throw away the leftover yeast. Use them this way and your orchids will bloom like never before

Potted plants need fertilization for proper growth. thanks to this they can grow luxuriantly and sprout flowers. Instead of buying fertilizer at the store, make it yourself. It is cheap, ecological and easy to prepare.

If you recently baked yeast dough and have fresh yeast left over, don’t throw it away. They will help you to do a brilliant job fertilizer for plants – it’s an inexpensive solution, thanks to which you will feed the flowers and also reduce the amount of waste. And that’s a lot ecological – Yeast is nature itself, after all. See how to make it.

How to make yeast compost?

Making compost is not difficult and anyone can do it. Pour it into a container liter of hot water and pour in 10 g crushed fresh yeast. Mix everything to dissolve the yeast and set aside hour. And it is ready. You can water the plants with this prepared fertilizer every two weeks.
A conditioner like this will work great when orchids and will ensure abundant flowering. They will benefit from it too ferns and wing flowers. In turn, in spring and summer, yeast fertilizer can be used to water beds with tomatoes, cucumbers and flowers, such as hydrangea.

Why is it worth using a yeast fertilizer?

Yeast compost is easy to make, costs pennies, and also strengthens plants and promotes their growth. When used regularly, it supports lush bloom – mainly due to the fact that the yeast makes the plant gets nutrients better from the soil.
In addition, the yeast fertilizer will help protect the plants pests. In turn, for those grown outdoors, in gardens and balconies, this will additionally strengthen them, making them more resistant; atmospheric factorssuch as heavy rain and wind.

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