Do you have too many jars at home and don’t know what to do with them? We suggest how to use the empty jars lying in the cupboards

Probably almost everyone has extra jars at home and doesn’t know what to do with them. These are also containers for food and candles. Some we reuse to store cans for the winter, some we recycle, and what about the rest? They are worth using in many different ways. Jars can be used to store various products, but with a little effort they will also become an interesting decoration.


What to do with the excess jars lying in the closets or in the basement? Let’s not let the useless ones sit on the shelf and collect dust because they can be used in different ways. Here are a few of them.


This is the most popular use of jars. It’s not just about storing food for the winter, but the jar is the perfect container for taking lunch to work (eco, no plastic), you can put spices in the smaller one, flour, groats, rice, beans and really everything you need in the bigger one. it just comes to mind. Of course, jars take up more space than plastic and paper packaging, but thanks to them, you will keep your cupboards much neater and find the product easier. You can also freeze food in jars, but remember not to fill the container all the way, leave some free space at the top, this will help you avoid cracking.

Jars, especially the smaller ones, are ideal for use as a home world. On the Internet you can successfully buy a basic set for your own candle production, who knows, maybe you will discover a new hobby? Inside, put dried slices of orange, lemon, flower petals, coffee beans, cloves, so that they stick to the walls. These handmade candles will not only decorate the home, but will also be a perfect gift. You can also simply put candles in the jar, they will also give a pleasant warmth in the evening and will look beautiful.

Beautiful decorations

It all depends on your creativity. Bet on seasonality and make decorations in a jar according to the season. In autumn, you can insert cones, pine needles, chestnuts inside. Dried flowers in summer, dried citrus slices in winter, use whatever comes to mind. You can also put colorful battery-powered lights in the jar – wrap the cable with the lights inside the jar so that it fills it tightly, and place the button with the battery inside so that it is not visible from the outside. Such a lamp is a beautiful decoration for any occasion.

Why buy fancy boxes when bathroom items can be stored in jars? Put sticks in one, cotton wool in the other, find a jar for rubber bands and hairpins, all hygiene accessories, one jar can be used as a vase for makeup brushes. Organize your bathroom so things don’t get scattered every time you open the shelf.

Original vase

Bottles cleaned of labels can be successfully used as vases for cut flowers. You can also make a mini window garden, put the remains of vegetables and fruits in jars with water and grow new plants. Not only will it decorate our space around the window, but along the way we will have edible plants all year round.

As part of a zero waste party, one of the ideas can be preparing cocktails and drinks in jars instead of glasses. The same can be done with desserts, especially layered, the jar will be used, and the guests will enjoy the delicacy by looking at how it looks through the transparent glass.

Got a mess on your desk? Use jars lying around the house. You can store ballpoint pens and pencils, staples, paper clips and even small sticky notes in them. In addition, you can hide things like coins, nails, screws or batteries in the jars.

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