Do you like food delivery in 15 minutes? You will uninstall these apks immediately

Expensive and not organic – that’s what the head of inPost thinks about the service that it offers. dark shops. The model of grocery delivery within 15 minutes is slowly developing in Poland and has gained a certain group of fans, but according to Rafał Brzoska, it will never go beyond the market niche. There may be a lot of truth in this statement, considering how express deliveries drain the pockets of Poles.

Dark shops, like many other novelties, debuted in our country with some delay compared to the USA and Western Europe. However, the market was completely undeveloped, which is why it quickly swarmed with players trying to outdo the competition, grab a cool location and get into the minds of users.

At the moment, we already have about 10 dark shops in Poland

Among them there are startups specializing only in this field, such as Jokr or Lisek, but also brands that have already gained recognition in slightly different fields of activity – Wolt, Bolt, owned by Biedronka Biek and the Żabki Jush! brand.

Their operating model is simple. The company rents premises in the city and only allows couriers from outside. If we pass by, we will usually only see glued windows. You can only guess what kind of assortment is inside. And that’s how it should be. The premises are used only for placing finished orders, which deliveries are intended to bring to the customer’s home in no more than 15 minutes.

For a while, it looked like dark stores might be the future of retail. In a survey conducted just before the outbreak of war by ARC Rynek in Opinions, a quarter of Poles confirmed that they knew what dark shops were. A whopping 64 per cent of the respondents answered that they would like to use their offer. Promising stats, right?

Everything has changed since then. Poles became afraid of inflation and began to watch every zloty closely. Although known for its not too high prices, Biedronka complains that 3+1 promotions are becoming a thing of the past because customers do not want to buy more than necessary.

Price placements of discount companies are a sensation

As you can guess, dark shops are not at the top of such classifications. In September, experts from ASM Sales Force Agency calculated how much you need to complete a shopping cart in different types of stores. It turned out that in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, the average customer will spend PLN 212.87. In online stores it was definitely more expensive because the whole basket costs PLN 246.85. However, dark shops left the competition far behind – shopping costs PLN 256.70. Yes, over 40 PLN more than in a regular store.

In such a situation, shopping from dark shops can seem like a whim. And it’s not even my opinion, but Rafał Brzoskas. The creator of Paczkomaty claims that dark shops will never enter the mainstream. In an interview with “Wiadomości Handlowe”, the millionaire emphasizes that instant deliveries are not environmentally friendly, which is unlikely to appeal to customers who have a growing sense of consumer responsibility.

But that might be the least of the problems. According to Brzoska, dark shops are a premium format and as such have no chance of becoming popular in the market.

Dark stores have no future. Unless we are talking about one large global player who will manage to build a suitable scale of business. The question is, how much money do you have to burn along the way? – asks the head of InPost.

Do you like food delivery in 15 minutes? You will uninstall these apks immediately

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