Do you want to test your smartphone before buying? Samsung makes it possible

Samsung’s new idea is to borrow phones so customers can try them out before buying. The pilot country is South Korea.

We, as smartphone reviewers, are in a very privileged position when it comes to choosing devices for private use. By testing dozens of models a year, we get to know the specifics of the market, which manufacturer is good at which things, and in general – we can choose our gadgets (primarily smartphones) more consciously than the average consumer. Of course – we write reviews “for something”, but it’s one thing to read about a smartphone and another to hold it in your hand and use it every day. Therefore, many people would like to exchange roles, they want to test the models themselves before choosing on the store shelf. Well, as it turns out, Samsung wants to give its customers just such an option.

Test before you buy – Samsung’s new Korean program

As reported by Sammobile, Samsung just announced a new program in Korea called “Galaxy Early Birds to Go.” Users registered in this program can request to borrow a smartphone from the Galaxy series for three days before deciding to buy it. Of course, it is advisable for them to share their feelings after such tests and then decide whether they want to buy a smartphone. What’s in it for Samsung? Of course, more fan engagement and more positive reviews on their smartphones, I doubt anyone gave a negative review on the latest flagship.

Of course – you could say that there is something like that in every country. After all, in Poland we can return purchased goods up to 14 days without giving a reason, and in addition, many platforms (e.g. Allegro) offer deferred payment. This means that we can take the device, test it and return it without paying. However, this is definitely not as convenient as Samsung’s dedicated program and is certainly more complicated. I think Samsung hit the nail on the head with this move because we’re at a point where most people have never even held a folded smartphone in their hand and don’t know if they want to try using it.

However, the success of the program also depends on how customers treat the device they receive. My guess is that this is what the initial selection is for, and not everyone who signs up gets the latest Galaxy S to test. However, if the concept proves successful and attracts customers, I think it’s only a matter of time before other brands, outside of South Korea, start implementing such solutions. I am very curious how people in Poland would react to such a proposal.

Would you like to be able to borrow a smartphone and test it before buying?


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