Do you work under a formal contract? See the rights you have and don’t know yet

Currently, most Brazilian citizens work under a formal contract. This means having an employment contract governed by the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws).

If you’ve ever attended a company interview, you probably know how it works. Labor laws serve to regulate the relationship between employer and employee in order to protect the most vulnerable party.

All people who work under a formal contract have a number of rights guaranteed by law. Some of these are well-known, such as thirteenth pay, holidays, and unemployment insurance in case of dismissal without just cause.

However, these are not the only rights guaranteed by the Consolidated Labor Laws. There are still others that are less known to most people.

With that in mind, we chose the rights of those who work under a formal contract that you don’t know yet. See below.

The rights of employees under an official contract

rest period

Everyone already knows that employees with a formal contract have the right to weekly paid rest and vacation. However, few know exactly how long there should be between one shift and the next.

According to the CLT rules, the worker must at least rest 11 hours straight between two business days.

Therefore, if you need to stay late at work, you have to wait exactly 11 hours until your next shift. Even if you need to change your normal start time to do so.

Overtime work

Still talking about working hours, did you know that there is a maximum overtime limit that an employee can work? That’s right! By law he cannot do more 2 extra hours a day.

The goal is to guarantee the employee’s health and rest for the next working day, avoiding abuse.

mandatory break

All persons working under an official contract have the right to a lunch break during working hours of more than 6 hours.

Meaning you can’t work more than 6 hours straight without having one rest period. According to the law, this period should last from 1 hour to 2 hours.

Deadline for signing the work card

It is not difficult to find people whose work card has been stuck in the company’s HR for many days. However, this practice is illegal.

This is because, according to CLT, The company has up to 48 hours to sign the employee’s card. So you can keep the document in hand for up to 2 days for proper registration.

However, with the creation of a digital work card, the requirement for a physical document is no longer necessary for the vast majority of organizations. But you will be able to track your registration Digital job card applicationby mobile phone.

Salary payment deadline

Many companies pay employees a monthly salary. There are others that pay twice a month.

Regardless of the regime adopted, the law stipulates that the monthly payment must be made by s 5th working day next month.

excused absence

Everyone knows that you can miss work without hurting your wages if you have a medical certificate. But there are still other cases where the CLT allows excused absences without loss of wages. Check out some of them.

  • During a civil marriage. 3 days;
  • Blood donation. 1 day a year;
  • Election call. 2 days;
  • Death of a close relative. 2 days;
  • Follow-up appointments or examinations of the pregnant partner. for the necessary time;
  • Accompanying a child under the age of 6 to medical consultation. 1 day a year;
  • Conducting evidence-based cancer prevention research. 3 days for every 12 months of work;
  • Birth of a child. 5 days;
  • If you register voters. 2 days;
  • Admission Exams. indefinite time;
  • Do military service. undetermined time.

Transport tickets

Each company must provide transportation or an equivalent cost to transport the employee to the place of work. Therefore, it is illegal for an employer to force an employee to sign a waiver of this right.

There is no minimum or maximum benefit limit. However, it should be noted that the company has the right to deduct up to 6 percent from the employee’s salary to cover expenses.

Distribution of vacation period

You already know that you are entitled to paid vacation for every 12 months of work. But did you already know that these holidays can be? divided up to 3 times?

The decision was planned by the CLT after the labor reforms. In addition, the law also stipulates that one of these periods cannot be less than 14 days, and the others – 5 days.

Did you already know any of these rights for formal contract workers? Write in the comments!

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