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Dodgers hurler Trevor Bauer’s sex accuser will ‘vigorously’ defend himself

Bauer’s defamation lawsuit alleges that Ms. Hill “made up allegations of sexually assaulting Plaintiff Trevor Bauer.”

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The woman who accused Los Angeles Dodgers ace Trevor Bauer of sexual assault has defended herself and will “vigorously” fight the hurler’s defamation lawsuit.

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Former Cy Young winner Bauer remains on the ice after being suspended by MLB for two seasons as a result of the sordid sexual allegations against him.

Bauer has denied any wrongdoing and is fighting his suspension.

Now Britain’s Sun has reported that the woman – known only as Mrs Hill – has retained Christopher Wesierski, named one of the top lawyers in the US.

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“We are just getting into the case, but we will vigorously represent the defendant, as will all of our clients,” Wesierski told the paper.

Bauer is suing Hill and her former attorney, Niranjan Fred Thiagarajah, who posted photos of her bruised face. She previously claimed that Bauer choked her during sex and violated her without her consent.

The unidentified woman's two black eyes reportedly came from Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer.
The unidentified woman’s two black eyes reportedly came from Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer. Photo by HANDOUT /BRYAN FREEDMAN

Bauer was recently photographed partying with his agent Rachel Luba at a 4th of July celebration in Scottsdale, Arizona. The pitcher was bare chested and in the middle of a photo of a party.

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Bauer’s source told Britain’s Sun that the mound star is working in the hope that his suspension will be lifted and he will be allowed to return to action.

“He took a break from training to enjoy the concert and attend a barbecue with friends and family (and fireworks),” the source said. “He’s been practicing and throwing almost every day since last summer.”

The alleged victim revealed that she met Bauer on Instagram and that the sexual encounters took place in April and May 2020. She filed for a restraining order last August, which was ultimately torpedoed.

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His legal eagles said the sex with Ms Hill was consensual. They said she was texting friends, joking about ruining his career and looking for a paycheck.

Judge Diana Gould-Saltman ruled definitively that the pair had consensual rough sex. Prosecutors declined to file charges against Bauer, citing a lack of evidence.

Bauer’s defamation lawsuit alleges that Ms. Hill “made up allegations of sexually assaulting Plaintiff Trevor Bauer.”

Two other women have made similar allegations against the star. He denied the guilt.


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