Dog helps lead Maine police officer to rollover crash near Lincoln


A muddy and scratched canine ran in front of a state police vehicle, alerting the trooper to the crisis.

Maine State Troopers received help from an unexpected source when a dog helped alert police to a two-car crash earlier this week, according to officials.

Around 5:29 p.m. on July 10, while parked at an intersection on Interstate 95 near Lincoln, Trooper Chris Pina noticed a dog running in front of his cruiser, according to a Maine State Police Facebook post.

Pina managed to get the muddy and scratched canine into his cruiser, concluding that it was a runaway or lost pet. However, as he called for the dog to dispatch, he noticed a man on the southbound side of the interstate yelling for help, according to the release.

What Pina found after investigating the yelling was a maroon SUV in a ditch and a green RAV4 on its roof in the traffic lane, officials said. The driver of the green RAV4 allegedly fell asleep at the wheel and drifted into the traffic lane, hitting the rear of the SUV, according to the press release.

Police said both vehicles overturned several times as a result of the collision. The couple in the maroon SUV had two dogs that were thrown from the car, according to state police.

One dog found Pina, and the other, a Doberman named Bentley, went missing for a few days before being found by Kathy Winslow of Lost Dog Recovery.

Lincoln police released a photo of the couple and their found furry friend Thursday, celebrating Bentley’s return.

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