Dorsten. Smoke from the chimney

Fire brigade operation
chimney fire

Firefighters extinguished the fire and cleared the chimney with a rotary ladder. © Bludau

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At around 19:10, the main police station, the Dorsten fire brigade and the Lembeck fire engine, along with the Reken fire engine and police, headed to Lembeck on Friday evening (December 2) around a chimney fire. When the fire brigade arrived at Hohe Mark Road, smoke and light sparks could be seen coming from the chimney.

Then the fire was extinguished by firemen. The chimney was then cleaned with the help of a turntable ladder and the chimney sweep in charge was called in. No one was injured, officials said.

It wasn’t the only chimney fire that saw firefighters from Dorsten on Friday. In the morning, the restaurant in Haltern-Lippramsdorf was alerted by the Wulfen extinguishing train. The reason: the craftsmen lit a fire in the fireplace of an empty restaurant because it was too cold…

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