Dortmund-Lanstrop instead of Lünen-Süd.  complete node for A2English 

Dortmund-Lanstrop instead of Lünen-Süd. complete node for A2

Done 40 years later. The full Lanstrop / Lünen-Süd motorway connection will be launched on June 30, 2022. Mayor Jürgen Klein-Frauns (left), Catherine Hefen, Head of the Bochum Branch of Autobahn GmbH, Fabian Pat, Head of the New Lunen-Sud Building Project, and Melanie Nolke, Head of Bochum Branch Construction. , move the barriers to the side. © Goldstein

Lünen has its connection point with Germany’s most powerful east-west connection. Cars were able to drive up and down in Lünen-Sud on Thursday (June 30). It has consequences.

Historical moments pass as fast as others. Sometimes even faster. Like Thursday afternoon (June 30). Almost 40 years after Lunen acquired his own backbone connection, the release itself is only a matter of minutes.

Representatives of the city of Dortmund are not present

Kleine-Frauns. traffic alignment

One day after finishing the paint creams

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