Dortmund. Online services from Dortmund

Christian Uhr (Head of Personnel and Organization) and Jörg Suchardt (Head of Social Security Office Dortmund) in front of the new online office of the city of Dortmund. © Joscha F. Westerkamp

Dortmund is making progress in expanding its digital services, but not as quickly as it should be. There are several reasons for the city, but it is also emphasized: compared to Germany, one is already far away.

Christian Uhr, Director of Human Resources and Organizations at Dortmund, calls the slogans now used in all Dortmund offices to advertise the city’s online services provocative and bold.

Less than half of online services are available in Dortmund

The joint work of the countries is not working as planned

Dortmund must pay in advance for the online office

In the office, everything is still possible in paper form

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