Dortmund police celebrate success against gang of thieves

Dortmund police arrested several people. They are suspected of being part of a gang of thieves specializing in metal. (icon picture) © photo alliance / Paul Zinken / dpa

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Dortmund police arrested six men on Tuesday (December 20th) who are said to have been involved in a series of burglaries. The authorities announced this in a joint press release with the Dortmund prosecutor’s office.

The six men, aged between 24 and 57, are believed to be members of a gang responsible for burglaries in and around Dortmund. During the search of seven apartments, police officers found suspected stolen goods in the form of machine tools and a high four-figure sum in cash.

Dortmund police have seen an increase in burglaries at companies in Dortmund and the surrounding area in the spring of 2022, according to a press release.

an investigative committee was established

The “Metagh” investigative commission was thus established in March. Because the stolen goods were so-called non-ferrous metals. These include metals such as copper, nickel, lead, tin and zinc.

During the preliminary investigation, officials identified mainly young people and children who were instigated and accompanied by adults as the perpetrators of the crime.

According to the report, the young suspects repeatedly caused dangerous situations by chasing the policemen with cars. There were also traffic accidents.

First arrests in September

The essential part of the investigative work was the clarification of the gang structures. After that, the first criminal proceedings were initiated.

Two suspects may have eluded planned arrest at the time, the release said. They were searched and arrested. The detainees have already been charged.

Investigation of 60 persons

The Metals Investigation Commission is currently investigating a total of 60 people who are said to be involved in more than 80 crimes. According to the data of the police and the prosecutor’s office, the amount of damage currently amounts to more than one million euros.

The president of the police, Gregor Lange, highly appreciated the work of the investigative commission. “I am glad that our officers quickly discovered the connection between the crimes and, together with the prosecutor’s office, took early investigative measures,” the press release said. .

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