Dove is campaigning against the use of TikTok filters

March 10, 2023 – 5:44 p.m

Dove campaign asks users to turn their backs on filters that change the appearance and display the right way (Credit: Disclosure)

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In recent weeks, the “Bold Glamour” filter has been popular on TikTok and social media for its ability to completely change people’s looks. Despite the filter’s name suggesting that the idea is to enhance beauty, there has been much criticism of the image distortion it causes and the encouragement of unrealistic beauty standards.

Dove partnered with several content creators to launch the #TurnYourBack campaign in the United States. The initiative, created by Ogilvy and David, encourages social media users to turn their backs on Bold Glamor and other face- and appearance-altering filters.

In most of the nearly 17 million videos that have used the Bold Glamor filter so far, there are many comments about how it manages to completely transform the look, changing the texture of the skin, enlarging the lips and reducing the nose. What sets Bold Glamor apart from other filters is that it doesn’t “disappear” even when people move their hands in front of the smartphone camera, as most filters tend to do. This is because the filter uses machine learning capabilities to accurately map the user’s face. It is not yet known who is the creator of Bold Glamour.

With the #TurnYourBack campaign, launched on the 8th International Women’s Day, Dove has partnered with several content creators, asking them to use the platform to show off their natural look, without any filter. Content creators in the campaign show acne, pores, different skin textures and natural elements that would be hidden by filters.

So far, the #TurnYourBack hashtag — which features at least 12 Dove-sponsored videos — has more than 2.4 million views. The brand also posted a video on its official TikTok account to promote the initiative, accompanied by the text: “Turn your back. Because no filter should tell you what you have to be.”

Videos shared by Dove’s content partners show data from a 2020 Edelman Data & Intelligence survey highlighting how social media filters can affect people’s confidence and self-esteem: 48% of girls who regularly use filters on their photos have low self-esteem – esteem and 77% of girls use some kind of filter to retouch their photos before posting them.

@dove No filter should tell you how to look. 80% of girls already use filters by the age of 13. It is no wonder that their perception of beauty and self-confidence is distorted. Help reverse the damage. #TurnYourBack to the Bold Glamor filter and digital distortion. True beauty is daring. #RealBeautyIsBold #Dove #LetsChangeBeauty #NoDigitalDistortion #BeautyCommunity #SelfEsteem ♬ original sound – dove

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