Download Toca Life World for Android

Toca Boca has developed its biggest success to date, the video game is called Touch the Living World, and this time we will provide steps for Download Toca Life World for Android.

The company in charge of launching Toca Life World specializes in development kids app, and over the years they have made a variety of applications open world with original story For the smallest house.

In the case of Touch the Living World, You will immerse yourself in micro-spaces where various characters coexist, and your children will love this video game.

History of Toca Life World

This game is designed to improve the creativity of children’s minds, who will be able to develop his own adventure, design unique characters and much more.

There are many lists of arrangements, including holiday resorts, hospitals and open cities. Also, no special stories, meaning kids They will be able to explore even the most remote corners this world to make their own way.

The first step is to create your own character, which they can name as they wish. If they want, they can create family or friend group to play cooperatively.

They will be able to design their own home, take your character for a walk or have him fulfill basic tasks like making household purchases. The world of Toca Life Word it is fully interactive which means that you will be able to interact with all the objects that are in the place where your character is.

You’ll find places to eat, buy clothes, parks and other open spaces, and mountains to explore if you are one of those who prefer to play with few characters.

Download Toca Life World for Android

Download Toca Life World for Android

Your kids will have a blast as they start enjoying what Toca Life World has to offer. The only thing you have to do will download the game and create an account with e-mail and password.

Then your kids can start explore more than 100 locations, design your own home and even choose character traits, such as hair and skin color, gender, and style of clothing.

In turn, they will interact with more than 400 characters during their games, so they can play with other users and enjoy hours of fun. title says constantly updated And with each update, more locations, more secondary characters and more pets will be included.

Because of this, you will be able to explore new places once the game is updated. Also, you can combine new elements to your character, as is the case with more clothing, or modifying various aspects of the home you designed at the start of the game.

Recommendations for playing Toca Life World

Game it’s 100% free, and since you are logged in you will be able to access for the large amount of content available, as well as places to visit.

However, there is content premium, so if you want to access more locations you have to pay. It means that you should watch over your children do not try to access certain types of content.

When starting in the game, the character will start at Sarao City, urban area with a total of 8 different locations, which can be explored and there are some characters already unlocked.

Among the available places, you will have a shopping malls, as well as restaurants and departments. As far as the characters are concerned, they can be customized with more than 1,000 different details which includes the characteristics of our society and multiculturalism.

If you want to customize your character, you just need to enter the game’s main menu and select icon located in the upper right corner off the screen.

Each of these aspects can be expanded with what the little one has done in other Toca Life apps.

Basically, by downloading this game and having a history of using the Toca Life app, all in-game content will be portable To Touch the Life of the World.

In addition, you can purchase additional items in the in-game shop. In this shop, you can buy more than 80 locations, 500 characters and even more than 400 pets addition.

Touch Life World as well offers the possibility to invite friends played. To do so, you must press the button showing «Game Center«.

There, you will get the feature to invite friends. You just have to enter phone number or e-mail.

When other people accept your invitation, they should move on create your own character using your preference feature.

after doing so, your friends will be able to join this open world to participate in your adventures or create your own. You can invite more than one friend If you want.

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