DRC: Update from the government on the “FARDC reservists” file.

During the press conference on Tuesday 07 March 2023 in Kinshasa, the Minister of Communication and Media confirmed that people who do not have a good character or are criminals will not be integrated into the reserve of the armed forces of the Democratic Republic. of the Congo. So, DRC: Government update on the ‘FARDC reservists’ file.

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According to Patrick Muyaya, the idea is to form a structured body composed of people who are morally and physically worthy.

Here we want to create a structured, organized body, with terms of admission that will allow the compatriots who can be part of it to be compatriots who are worthy morally, physically or in age to go and protect the interests of the country. . This is the philosophy of the text that was adopted, I think everyone should have this understanding, so as not to cause confusion or suppose that there is a desire to take into this body people who do not justify d by good character or who are the perpetrators of the crimes. This is unlikely to be the case “, he said.

Among the criteria to be met to join the army reserve, the government spokesman cited in particular:

– have Congolese citizenship;

– To be over 18 years old;

– You have a good character and;

– They have never been convicted of any form of crime.

Patrick Muyaya’s media release clarifies the government’s position on the matter. This follows the press conference held in Goma last Monday by the Minister of Tertiary and University Education (ESU), Muhindo Nzangi, during which he announced that the armed groups had been detained as FARDC reservists. This caused public outrage.

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