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Dream of a banana? the opponent

Reproduction / Instagram / Gusttavo Lima:

Gustavo Lima will sing at the Banana Festival this Sunday.

The Banana Festival is held in Thelandia. The mayor of the city of Bahia, Maria Baitinga de Santana, known by the nickname Rosa, said that her dream was to meet the capira singer.

“Guys, I’ve always had this dream, I like it very much.”

Gustavo Lima pocket 704 thousand real. According to Estadão, however, the mayor insisted “Financial incapacity – commitment to other spheres” not to pay the minimum salary of teachers. He is from a progressive party.

In addition to BRL 704,000 for Gustavo Lima, the Banana Festival will also pay և 80,000 for Marcinho Sensação և 170,000 BRL for Unha Pintada.

Banana is a feast.

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