Drivers may be surprised by THESE fines in 2023

Brazilian drivers are responsible for following the rules of the road. Therefore, when the rules CTB (Brazilian Road Code) are not observed, drivers may be fined.

Oh Brazilian Highway Code is constantly undergoing changes. Thus, new rules are being established to ensure greater safety for drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, check out the new decisions that have come into effect this year 2023.

new traffic laws

Act 14071 changed some rules CTB: recently, such as the mandatory use of low beams.

After the amendment, the rule approved in 2016 is no longer binding. Thus, drivers no longer need to use low light on the country’s highways during the day.

However, it should be noted that the use of low beams is still mandatory on one-way highways. On the other hand, if the car has daytime running lights (DRL), it will not be necessary.

Under the new law, a driver who doesn’t follow the rules risks getting 4 points driving licensein addition to the fine of R$ 130.16.

red light rule

According to Law 14.071/2020, “right turns are free in front of a red light, where there are signs that allow this change”. Therefore, drivers are now allowed to turn right even if the light is closed.

However, as already mentioned, the place in question should be properly signposted. Therefore, the maneuver is allowed only when there is a “free on the right” sign on the traffic light.

It should be noted that the red light rule is already in force throughout the country. However, several municipalities have implemented sirens.

In addition, the new red light rule stipulates that drivers must respect pedestrians’ right of way. Therefore, even in the right lane, drivers must stop if there are pedestrians to cross.

Law of insulfilm

The new road traffic law envisaged by Contran entered into force in June 2022 and was regulated by Resolution 960/2022.

According to the decision, it was allowed to increase the level of light transmission of the windshield and front side windows from 75% to 70%, both for colored and colorless films. Thus, it was allowed to use insulfilm in vehicles in a slightly darker color.

On the other hand, for glasses that do not obstruct the driver’s visibility, the percentage was maintained, with 28% light transmission. Furthermore, the rear safety glass must have 70% film for vehicles that do not have a rear right outside mirror.

Which insulin film cannot be used?

Among the changes that concern drivers the most, due to the risk of fines, is the ban on vehicles driving with bubbles on the windscreen and front side windows. It turns out that these defects can interfere with the driver’s visibility. Usually, the defect appears three years after the placement of the insulfilm.

Also, the new resolution mentions reflective films, as well as films that do not have an installer’s seal or are not legible.

the amount of the fine

According to the new rules, drivers who do not comply with the new rules will commit a gross violation and, according to official information, will be liable to pay a fine of 195.23 rubles. In addition, a violation may result in the loss of five points National Driving License (CNH).

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