Due to lack of resources, INSS has to suspend activities this Wednesday (7)

INSS (National Institute of Social Security) warned the federal government that it must halt activities this week due to recent budget impasses.

According to CNN, in a letter sent to the Federal Budget Secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Ariosto Antunes Culau, the body states that “the lack of resources will cause serious damage to the functioning of this Authority, causing the suspension of contracts, from next Wednesday, 12.07.2022, as well as the immediate relocation of servers, consequently affecting the service to the population and the provision of INSS essential services🇧🇷

This may lead to the closure of branches, suspension of expertise, delays in INSS payments and termination of contracts with third parties.

The letter is signed by the president INSSGuilherme Gastaldello, and forwarded to the Budget Secretariat last Friday (2) with the subject “the impact of budget constraints within the INSS🇧🇷

Currently, there are about 18,000 people working in INSS. Among institute officials interviewed by CNN, the scenario is described as “the end of the world” or, technically, a shutdown, a term in English that means “turn off” and which will follow some public bodies this end of the year due to resources. blockages, the Ministry of Economy announces.

INSS has been asking for budget recompositions for some time, to the point of warning about the difficulty of making pension payments in December. However, these complaints would not have worked.

So much so that, in the letter, Gastaldello points out that despite the efforts of INSS and the partnership of the Ministry of Labor, which, according to the president of the institute, “helped with the budget as much as possible”, the agency will approve the measuresemergency character🇧🇷 In addition to the blockages, he clarifies that the change in appearance is also due to “information that the requests for supplementary loans will not be met due to the limiting scenario resulting from the assessment of income and primary expenses for the 5th semester.🇧🇷

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