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Dustin Stoltzfus Takes First UFC Victory Over Dwight Grant

Dwight Grant and Dustin Stoltzfus, UFC Long Island Credit: Youtube/UFC

Dustin Stoltzfus and Dwight Grant are both looking to lose in UFC Long Island preliminary cards on Saturday.

Stoltzfus has lost three matches, giving three of his last four. Dangerous position for both middleweights.

The two fighters captured the center of the octagon by touching their gloves. Leaping Grant to open the fight. Followed by a kick from Stoltzfus, Grant skyrocketed with a kick. but it is blocked Grant flicked his left hand like crazy but didn’t hit anything. The two fighters exchanged recurring hooks, and Stoltzfus took a shot that caught Grant’s attention. Grant received a kick from Stoltzfus and responded with a body punch. Stoltzfus fired for a topple with less than three minutes remaining. But Grant defended it. Stoltzfus kicked the calf but ate the punch back. Another calf from Stoltzfus swayed Grant. A spin attack from Stoltzfus missed. The round ended with Stoltzfus chasing Grant and Grant punching.

The second round started with Grant taking a leg kick and hook. Seconds later, Stoltzfus kicked high and took another punch. Grant jumped and kicked Stolzfuss’ body. Nothing happened for a minute and a half, but Stoltzfus kept walking for Grant down. Stoltzfus fired to take the lead with less than two minutes left in this round. But Grant defended. Stoltzfus placed Grant against the fence and finally finished the capture. Stoltzfus jumped on Grant’s back and flattened him. The rounding ends with the landing of Stoltzfus and Pound.

The third round started with a punch from Grant. A few more punches from Grant. but nothing important four minutes left And Grant landed at the counter on the left, with 3:20 left and Grant punched twice that landed. Stoltzfus punched his own punch which lost balance. The spin hook from Stoltzfus missed. Stoltzfus fired to take it off, locking his hand. and hit Grant in the middle of the octagon. With less than ten seconds left in the fight, Stoltzfus ascended to Grant and dropped the ground and smashed into it.

In the end, Stoltzfus came in to score. He snapped three consecutive defeats and retained the victory. As Grant finds himself at the point where his opponent has just slipped out of his position.

Official results: Dustin Stoltzfus def. Dwight Grant by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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