e-Title can be downloaded or updated by tomorrow

Deadline for voters to download or update e-Titlea digital version that replaces paper voter registration in the 2022 elections.

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) instructs the electorate to follow the rules of use and download or update e-Titulo as soon as possible, “to avoid the difficulties that can arise when you leave the transmission to the last minute“.

Implemented in 2018, the e-Título can be downloaded to a mobile phone to be presented at the time of voting, if it is up-to-date and with a photo. It can also be used for consultations about the polling stations, as well as to justify the absence at the polling stations, the issuance of the electoral discharge certificate and nothing criminal, among others.

According to TSE, until the eve of the first round, about 30 million voters activated the application in Brazil and abroad. Of this total, 13 million activations were made in 2022.

Step by step

O Download e-Título is free and can be done on mobile phones and TABLETSfor Android and iOS systems, via the App Store and Google Play.

You must already have a registration with the Electoral Court to issue the digital title, which can be accessed at any time. After downloading, simply enter the required personal information and answer a few questions. To verify access, the information is cross-referenced with the information contained in the Electoral Justice system.“, explains the Tirana Stock Exchange.

According to the court, voters who already have e-Título must verify that everything is correct by keeping the application up to date. Difficulties are usually resolved by reinstalling the application. “However, the instruction is that voters should not leave it to the last minute, because on election day it will not be possible to solve any problem using the application.“.

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