EA begins full digitization. What does this mean for collectors?

EA plans to stop selling boxed versions of the games. Several countries went first.

EA’s policy of withdrawing physical games from sale mostly affected countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

Boxing game collectors will not be satisfied.

EA and sales digitization plans

Photo EA

The increasing popularity of digital versions of games means that selling games in this form is becoming extremely profitable. First, manufacturers reduce the costs associated with producing boxes, manuals, and additives that might be included in such packaging.

Additionally, online sales allow manufacturers better price control and make it harder for players to potentially resell or rent a game they’ve already beaten.

As reported German service Games economy, that’s it German-speaking countries and Scandinavia will undergo this treatment first.

EA defends the fact of low sales of boxed versions, but it can be a kind of smokescreen to win some strong maps and dictate the terms of the players. According to EA, subscription models that are common in the gaming world advise against physical purchases.

According to the site Electronic Arts is undergoing restructuring and stopped working with local companies a few months ago. There seem to be several factors behind this decision, but how will it affect players and especially collectors?

You need to arm yourself with strong nerves and see how the corporation behaves on a global scale. Perhaps this is the end of the opportunity to buy popular sports games and series Battlefield, Medal of Honoror the games of the universe war of starslicensed by EA.

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