Eddie Jones, Dave Rainey call for changes to ridiculous intentional knocking laws

U.K. head coach Eddie Jones and Australia other side Dave Rainey Both have called for a change to the deliberate knocking method after they each lost a player to a yellow card in their second Test at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium on Saturday.


Visitors group three Test series into one each after Wallabies comeback win 25-17.

Australia Replacement Wings Izaia Perez In the first half, he was sent off for intentionally knocking on the door Marcus Smith The second time met the same fate.

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Confusingly, England’s lockdown Jonny Hill Penalized for the same foul in the first half, but escaped a card.

“Game Out of Control” – Eddie Jones

Perez appeared to be trying to catch the ball and Smith appeared to be trying to get his arm out of the way.

“I think the game has gotten out of hand,” Eddie Jones said.

“We’ve gone all out, everything is a yellow card, everything’s a red card, it takes some common sense to get back into the game.

“Sometimes they’re not intentional knockouts. I’d say those two (Perez and Smith) were definitely for interceptions.”

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Eddie Jones said there’s a big difference between an attempted interception and a deliberate slap.

“They can choose to intercept, and if they knock, it’s a knock,” He says.

“It wasn’t an intentional knockout.”

Dave Rainey said he knew no one liked the law, especially all officials.

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“If you ask the referee, they don’t like it either, but it’s the law, so they have to referee,” He says.

“There’s no question that Izzy is trying to catch it.

“It’s certainly not the same as an intentional slap, but it’s the law and the referee has to refer accordingly.”

By Garrin Lambley © AFP

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