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Sergio Damasceno Silva
July 28, 2022 – 06:00

The acquisition of the Editora Três portal by Entre Investimentos, which was exclusively announced last week by Meio & Mensagem, will bring together sites covering seven titles: IstoÉ, IstoÉ Dinheiro, Gente, Dinheiro Rural, Planeta, Menu and Motor Show.

At the judicial restitution auction, the Editora 3 portal was bought for R$ 15 million by businessman Antonio Freixo Junior, who is a partner in Entre Investimentos. This means that Entre becomes responsible for the digital properties of Editore 3. The acquisition does not cover the print and application versions of the magazine.

Caco Alzugaray, President of Editora Trës (Provided by: Reproduction/IsoÉ)

According to a report published by IstoÉ itself last year, Freixo has a degree in business administration and has worked at Credit Suisse, Banco Garantia, Banco do Brasil and Banco Nacional. After leaving Banco Credit Suisse (which bought Garantia), Freixo created Entre Investimentos to provide consulting services in the documentation of foreign exchange transactions for clients. Also, according to the magazine, the CEO invests in companies where he can create some value and has a stake in several companies.

According to a report on the IstoÉ Dinheiro website, Carlos Domingo Alzugaray, known as Caco Alzugaray, remains in charge of Editora Três as executive president. The portal will be managed by Antônio Carlos Freixo Junior. Under the contract, Três will be paid to produce content for IstoÉ, IstoÉ Dinheiro, Motor Show and Dinheiro Rural over a period of 20 years. The editorial line of content produced by the vehicles will also continue to be led by Editora Três. The portal will have its own team that will take care of publishing and curating content.

Read the exclusive interview with Caco Azulgaray Medium and messageon transaction development:

Medium and message – What is a bid portal, since Editora 3 has several digital properties?
Caco Azulgaray – The URL used by the portal will be www.istoe.com.br, which, apart from IstoÉ’s own content, will also cover all the other titles and websites of Três’ brands — especially IstoÉ Dinheiro. In addition, the new project will develop several other verticals, for which the new editorial production center of Entre Investimentos will be responsible.

M&M – Are the digital collections of IstoÉ, IstoÉ Dinheiro, Motor Show and Planeta magazines part of this transaction or will they be separated on the respective websites, as is the case now?
Azulgaray – The digital collection is part of the transaction and will be available on the websites of these titles.

M&M – When are these negotiations valid?
Azulgaray – From the approval of the sale of the UPI Portal by the rehabilitation court, which must take place within four weeks.

M&M – Are the printed editions of the mentioned magazines still published?
Azulgaray – Yes, the printed editions and apps of the magazine will continue to be produced and marketed by Editora Três.

M&M – Is the printer still in negotiation for sale?
Azulgaray – Yes, UPI Gráfica Cajamar is still in negotiations and there are several interested parties, already with proposals.

M&M – Is there any future project of complete digitization of the magazine, or will it only have online versions?
Azulgaray – We will keep the printed versions. Brazil is very large and heterogeneous in its customs, and many people are interested in this version.

M&M – And as for the rest of the company’s debt (the publisher’s debt is around R$ 264 million), how did the negotiations go?
Azulgaray – The obligation is fully addressed in the judicial rehabilitation plan approved by the creditors and ratified by the competent court. This plan was rigorously implemented. Furthermore, it is important to point out that this project was extremely successful, achieving success in all its phases. In addition to securing a colossal and growing audience for advertisers for our brands, he will maintain the editorial independence that is a hallmark of Três titles.

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