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EDITORIAL: The Great Reset Returns to Fossil Fuels

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Claims by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland that the global energy crisis is the reason for a faster transition to so-called “green” energy are far from reality.

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In fact, the “great reset” currently underway around the world is heading in the opposite direction – back to fossil fuels.

Lawyer and energy blogger Andrew Roman accurately described it as “The Great U-Turn.”

This is because wind and solar power are too unreliable and too inefficient to power modern industrialized countries.

Much of Europe—led by Germany—has abandoned domestic energy security in a mad rush to go green, leaving the continent vulnerable to the whims of dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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European nations are now in the conflicted position of arming Ukraine to fight Putin’s invasion and at the same time funding Putin’s invasion because they are so desperate for Russian natural gas and oil.

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Because their leaders foolishly ignored domestic energy security, Europeans are now vulnerable to the twin dangers of skyrocketing energy prices and severe energy shortages this winter if Putin decides to screw up Europe’s energy supplies.

Meanwhile, the United Nations’ purported goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – less than eight years – and zero by 2050 is a fantasy.

Global emissions last year were the highest on record, surpassing the decline in emissions during the first year of the pandemic in 2020.

So far, things are not so dire when it comes to energy supplies in Canada.

But it is alarming that Trudeau and Freeland are doubling down on green propaganda and the foolish argument that renewables are almost ready to replace fossil fuels at their current level of technology, especially in a large, cold, northern and sparsely populated region. countries like Canada.

Canada could be a global leader in sound energy policy because we have vast domestic natural gas reserves and safe nuclear technology.

Since nuclear power produces no greenhouse gases and natural gas burns at half the carbon intensity of coal, using it as a global replacement for coal-fired electricity is the single most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But first, our energy policy would have to make sense. Not so under Trudeau and Freeland.

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