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Electoral deputy filed a new lawsuit against Claudio Castro

Photo: Isak Nobrega/PR

Oh The Public Ministry of Elections (PME) filed a new lawsuit Against the ticket of the Governor of Rio, Claudio Castro (PL, photo) and his deputy, Thiago Pampolia (Brazil Union), for alleged illegal expenses during the campaign.

Oh MPE is asking that the diplomas be revoked and that they remain for eight consecutive years🇧🇷 In action, He also asked to break the bank secrecy of suppliers contracted by the Castro campaign. Prosecutors involved in the action announced that there was “imbalance” during elections.

“The extent of the offense committed by the candidates, which undoubtedly caused a real imbalance in the electoral process, should be taken into account.”says a part of the document.

Last Wednesday, the MPE already filed a lawsuit against Castro and Pampolia for the alleged electoral use of secret salaries from the Ceperj Foundation and the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). The body alleged that the re-elected governor benefited from the hiring of thousands of temporary workers, hired without a public tender and outside transparency rules, which would have acted as an electoral telegraph for the Guanabara Palace in the dispute.

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