Electrical sales are growing, but that’s just the margin, 2.5% of all sales

Sales of electric cars will increase significantly in 2022, but it is still only a small percentage of the entire new vehicle market in Poland. Hybrids are doing much better, especially from one manufacturer that has been investing in this market for over 20 years.

We are buying more electric cars

According to information from the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers published by the Samar Automotive Institute, in 2022 Poles bought 11,290 electric passenger cars in which the only energy source is the battery. This result is 59% better than what was achieved in 2021, and a big part of it must have been the “My Electrician” program, under which you can get financing for such a purchase in the amount of PLN 18,500 or PLN 27,000. The increase in BEV sales is undoubtedly quite large, but it is still only a margin, since in 2022 almost 420,000 cars were sold in Poland. new cars.

It probably won’t surprise anyone that the most popular brand of electric cars in Poland is Tesla with 1,226 registrations, but it is closely followed by Kia, which sold 1,144 electric cars. In third place is Mercedes with a result of 926 units. Interestingly, when it comes to the most popular model of the electric car, the fight for victory was fierce, the Tesla Model 3 with a result of 761 units slightly overtook… the Mustang Mach-E, which sold 745 copies. Third is the Nissan Leaf with 560 units. Given Tesla’s recent price cuts, the American manufacturer’s lead could widen even further.

Poland stands behind combustion cars

While electric cars account for only 2.5% of all new car sales in Poland in 2022, if we consider those with electrified drive (HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs), the situation is slightly better. In total, 88,116 such vehicles were delivered to customers in 2022, 18% more than the previous year. It is also the best result in absolute numbers achieved in Poland so far. Fortunately or unfortunately, internal combustion cars still rule in Poland, despite significant increases, those with an electrified drive make up only 21% of sales. However, it is worth noting that we are only talking about full hybrids with a powerful electric motor. This list does not include cars with MHEV drive, i.e. so-called soft hybrids with a 24-48V installation and a small generator.

In 2022, just over 66,000 cars with a hybrid engine were launched, 14% more than the previous year. One manufacturer has the lion’s share of these sales – Toyota sold 47,821 HEVs. This means that more than 63% of the brand’s sales are cars with an electrified drive. In second place is Lexus with a gain of just 3,848 units, and Kia is also on the podium with a score of 3,346 units. Thus, Toyota’s advantage in the hybrid car market is overwhelming and partly stems from the fact that most car manufacturers have opted for full electrification. It is also no surprise that we have Toyotas on the podium of the most popular hybrid models – Corolla, RAV4 and C-HR.

Interestingly, only 10,606 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) were registered in Poland in 2022, which is less than fully electric vehicles (BEVs). The growth in this market is only 14% and the trend rather suggests that the PHEV will slowly disappear from the offer. This type of drive is especially popular in the premium segment. Mercedes sold the most such cars (1,516 units), followed by BMW (1,319 units) and Volvo (1,087 units). It would also be appropriate to mention that in 2022, 41 hydrogen-powered vehicles (FCEVs) were registered in Poland, consisting of 22 Hyundai Nexo and 19 Toyota Mirai. Considering that we have one hydrogen filling station in the country, this is still a good result ;-).

source: Samar

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