Emergency Medical District Act introduced into state legislature

Lander lawmakers Sen. Cale Case and Rep. Lloyd Larsen introduced SF 43 in the state Legislature, which would create a special district for emergency medical services. Fremont County has struggled for the past two years to afford its private ambulance service, Priority Ambulance dba Frontier Ambulance. The proposed legislation would allow governors to adopt a resolution for such a district. The proposed district would be submitted to the District Assessor and the Department of Revenue for review for any conflict, overlap, gap or other boundary issue. The maximum tax that could be levied on property owners would be four mills if approved by voters. A committee has not yet been appointed for the bill. In an email, the Lander Chamber of Commerce voiced its support for the bill through the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation, which has supported previous bills of this type. The Federation is based in Cheyenne and the Lander Chamber is a member of the Federation.

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