"Ouro líquido": funcionários da Funasa e empresas de Manaus superfaturaram água levada para interior do AM durante seca de 2017English 

Employees of Funas and Manaus companies overestimated water inland AM during drought 2017 – Portal CM7 – News from Manaus and Amazonas

Written by Henrique June 30, 2022 at 19:59 | Updated June 30, 2022 at 8:15 p.m.

Brazil – Federal police launched “Operation Enxurrad” on Thursday morning (30th) to execute 13 search and seizure orders issued by the 4th Amazon Criminal Court, eight in Manaus, four in Anápolis municipality in Goiás, and one in the Federal District. The action is the result of investigations investigating fraud in the supply of mineral water that would be distributed to cities affected by the 2017 Amazon drought.

According to union supervisor Ulysses Mendonça, irregularities were revealed in the 2017 revision of the mineral water supply contract to the National Health Foundation (Funasa). The contract was signed for the amount of R $ 4,999,991.55, in order to support the municipalities in the Amazon that were in an emergency due to the floods. A police investigation shows that there was targeting and overpricing in the employment of the surveyed company. According to the CGU, the irregularities represented a loss of at least R $ 1,909,181.50 to the Treasury.

According to the envoy in charge of the operation, Eduard Zozim, investigations into the case must continue.

Investigators can be held accountable, within their responsibilities, for the offenses of competition fraud, embezzlement and criminal association, and if convicted, they can serve a sentence of up to 30 years. The name “Enxurrada” refers to the flood that the Amazonas municipalities faced in 2017 after a severe drought. Strong variations in river volume that year motivated Funas to hire a company to supply mineral water to families affected by droughts and floods.

Note from Funas

The head of the National Health Foundation (Funasa) in Amazonas said this Thursday (30) that the municipal headquarters in Manaus is not the target of Operation Enxurrad, launched today by the Federal Police (PF).

The agency’s press office said in a note: “The headquarters of the autarchy in Manaus was not the target of the operation, nor was its supervisor, Mr. Wenderson Monteiro, was not subject to any precautionary measures of search and seizure and / or arrest ”.

Also according to the institution, news portals in the Amazon capital revealed that the police operation would have targets in Manaus, but that, in fact, of the 8 people involved, only one Funas server was involved, and that he gave clarifications in the morning. released.

Operation Enxurrada, launched this Thursday (30), is operating in three states, including Amazonas, due to the possible occurrence of bidding fraud, criminal association and embezzlement, provided for in the Bidding Act and the Criminal Code, for irregularities detected in the CGU audit in contract for the supply of mineral water units to the National Health Foundation (FUNASA), 2017.

The contract was concluded for the amount of R $ 4,999,991.55, with the aim of providing emergency support faced by some municipalities in the Amazon state due to severe flooding.

The name ‘Enxurrada’ refers to the severe floods faced by the municipalities of the Amazonas state in 2017, which motivated Funasa to hire a company to supply mineral water to families affected by the floods.

Also in the note, the Supervisory Board noted that it “gave full support to the investigations, including whistling about the irregularities found. And to be made available to cooperate with everything necessary to maintain legality and fairness in all public acts ”.

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