Employment agencies offer vacancies with salaries up to R$ 3 thousand

Those interested can register their CV in the Sine Fácil application or visit the employment agency during the week from 8 am to 5 pm.

Workers with a high school diploma and gas station attendant experience can apply for one of the 20 vacancies available for Ceilândia Centro. Salary is R$1830 plus benefits. Another profession, for which employment agencies offer 20 opportunities, is the salesperson. Chances are for the city of Taguatinga Norte and the pay is R$1,393 plus benefits. You must have completed high school to apply, but proof of experience is not required. In total, agencies have 140 vacancies this Wednesday (25).

There are five tiler jobs available with a salary of R$1,546 plus benefits to work in Taguatinga. The employer requires proven experience and incomplete prior education.

Design engineers seeking placement can also apply to one of the employment agencies. Two vacancies are provided for the profession to work in Gama. Salary 2500 BRL, plus benefits. In addition to a degree in the field, the candidate must have experience in the field.

Another opportunity for workers with higher education is to become a mechanical designer. Salary R$3000 plus benefits to work at Gama. Candidate must prove experience. Employment agencies also have opportunities for elderly caregivers, motorcycle couriers, and tailors in general.

Those interested can register their CV in the Sine Fácil application or visit one of the 14 working agencies during the week from 8 am to 5 pm. Even if none of the vacancies of the day are attractive to the candidate, the registration is valid for future opportunities, because the system transmits the data of competitors with the profile that companies are looking for.

Employers who wish to offer vacancies or use the space of the staffing agencies for interviews can register in person at the units and through the Sine Fácil app. It is also possible to request help by email. [email protected] You can also use the Employer Channel on the website of the Secretariat of Economic Development, Labor and Revenue (Sedet).

According to Agência Brasilia


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